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70 Of The Most Motivational Quotes You Will Ever Find
By Matthew Roberts

Really motivational but…, The quotes compiled in this e-book are indeed inspiring, motivational and thought-provoking. The quotes came from the wisdom of ancient times to contemporary leaders and thinkers. Most quotes are about the road to success and the obstacles you may face along the way. And some assure that it’s ok to fail – it ultimately leads you to success. There are some quotes that – though not directly related to success – really make you think. My favorite in this category is the one by Jameson Frank: “Our greatest battles are that with our own minds.”

Though the e-book is already inspiring as it is, I would have liked the quotes – considering that they are 70 – to be divided into sections. One section, for example, may be about persistence, another about failure, and so on. Also, I do not get why the author/compiler chose to compile 70 quotes in particular. Does he have any special reason for this?

The author/compiler should have also double-checked the spellings of the people quoted. For example, Napoleon Hill was spelled as Napolean Hill! This e-book should have been checked more thoroughly.
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70 Of The Most Motivational Quotes You Will Ever Find
By Matthew Roberts70 quotes book

Reviewer: Lynn Lopez
It’s a straightforward e-book: a compilation of 70 inspiring and motivational quotes from various sources, like Shakespeare, Theodore Roosevelt, proverbs from other countries, Buddha, and Winston Churchill. It’s an easy read, especially since you just have to take in and think about all the quotes this contains.

Reviewer: Lorie Therese Locara
Taking risks is something that takes courage. The most successful people are those who have taken the greatest leaps of faith. They have risked so much to get to where they are and succeeded only because they had the gumption to actually follow through with what they set out to do.

That is the emphasis of this e-book. Without the guts to take risks, you won’t be able to grab your stars.

Going on in a life of drudgery and a sagging motivation is something that a lot of people have to contend with. Motivation is king in any career, in any form of work. Once a person has been demoralized, expect him or her to have a dip in the productivity department. For me, this e-book is wonderful reminder that life has to go on, and that it takes some pain to reach your dreams.

I suggest you grab this, stick it in your mobile e-book reader and read a quote or two daily. Daily life need not be too much of a pain. 🙂

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Ten first quotes sample

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